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  1. The "FIFA 06 Multitool" is an launcher utility for EA Sports Fifa 06 which offers some new abilities and changes, which all take effects for Singleplayer, LAN, Direct-IP and Matchmaker and override the settings in the gameprofile.

    * Patched Mode: Select "Worldclass" or "Legend" difficulty.
    * "Player Auto Switching" minimized.
    * Injuries disabled. (can be turned on via menu)
    * Introvideo disabled.

    * General Options: Select game language. Fifa wont ask you again for language selection.
    * Option to use an optimized controller detection file.
    * Patched files for higher framerate selectable.
    * Functions for backup and restore of every changes.
    * Reset ability to get back to original gamestate.

    * Output: Checksum of the used patchfiles.
    * Display of the selected difficulty.
    * Start/End time of Fifa 06.


    pentru cei care vor intreba daca acest patch este original .. am sa va raspund cu post-ul urmator

    dr_jivagos (MK) 6 Nov 22:51 Reply

    dont worry because it will not mess up your fifa version. this patch was tested over and over again. several languages versions have benn made. this is not official because EA dont care about the comunity. so the comunity had to make something.
    if you want to keep playing on semi pro level you can, i open a ladder for you especially.

    Patch-ul este deja folosit pe clanbase , urmand a fi preluat probabil si de catre esl.
  2. Si noi ce facem?...jucam in PGL cu sau fara patch..?
  3. Sab

    Sab Guest

    l-am testat si io.


    -suturile din afara careului si din careu nu mai intra. le apara in mod miraculos.

    -suturile nu intra din prima, dar intra din respingere fiiiindca idiotu de portar o respinge chiar in adversar sau in fatza. deci gol 100% dak al doilea atacant se afla in preajma careului.

    -la buguri ramane la fel de aiurit ( bugu cu capu' ;) )

    si cam atat am observat intr-un singur meci jucat.
  4. mda .. deci atat timp cat pach-ul nu este oficial o sa se joace fara ..
  5. ba nene, patchu asta nu modifica gameplayu, doar deblocheaza dificultatea legend si repara asa-zisul bug din multiplayer in care meciurile se presupune ca se joaca numai pe semi-pro, indiferent de dificultatea aleasa.
  6. mda si eu l-am testat si mi se pare ca totul este identic ca inainte .. nu mi se arata setarile facute de adversar .. etc etc .. a fost testat in lan pe direct ip.
  7. DEci ne descurcam shi fara el in ???:rolleyes:
  8. legendary auzi.......:cool: