WCG 2005 Group Drawing

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    WCG 2005 Group Drawing
    WCG 2005 Grand Final Group Drawing will be held on October 19th at Game Studio in South Korea.
    2005-10-14 19:26 (GMT+9)

    Finally, the curtain of WCG 2005 Grand Final will be raised.

    The Group Drawing that will decide the match position of Grand Final players will be held on October 19th at Ongamenet Game Studio in South Korea.

    [ Overall Information ]

    * Date: October 19th 1:00 pm (GMT+9)

    * Location: Ongamenet Game Studio in South Korea

    * Group Drawing Host: WCG Committee

    * Grand Final Players and Fans can check out the results of Group Drawing
    in real-time at WCG official website.
    [ Group Draw Method ]

    * General Regulation

    1. Make groups so that the top rankers from each country do not play each other.
    2. The country drawing for each game is done before Groupd Drawing of each game
    to decide the order of drawing. (Group Drawing of Free Style is done in the order
    of Chinese Taipei, Japan, and South Korea)
    3. Group drawings for each game will depend on the alphabetical order starting
    from the country drawn. (If `China` is drawn, the group drawing of designated game
    is started from 'China' and will end at the country that alphabetically precedes China)
    4. Group drawings for each country are done in the order of the player ranking as decided
    at the respective national finals.
    5. Redraw occurs when 2 players from the same country are in the same group.
    6. No redraw will occur if 2 players from the last country to draw are in the same group.
    7. The following is how the rules will go if a player is absent after the group drawings
    because of personal reasons:
    1) Absentees will receive an "LOSS BY ABSENCE" for all matches.
    2) Even if the total number of players in the group has a great difference compared
    to other groups due to the players¡¯ absences, that group will still play as scheduled.

    8. No objections/complaints on the group drawings will be accepted.

    > FIFA Soccer 2005
    FIFA Soccer 2005 has 8 groups. The top 2 players will advance from each group
    to play in the `top 16 single elimination tournament